The JUCONI Foundation started in 1989 thanks to the efforts of Sarah Thomas MBE, Joanna Wright de Serra and Gabriel Benitez. Together, they teamed up to transform their vision into a reality: to create a highly professional programme for street children in the city of Puebla, Mexico. JUCONI quickly evolved to respond to the distinct needs of each child it supported. It was one of the first organisations in Mexico to expand its work to include the families of street children. This advancement led to systemic work with other key actors in the life of each and every child including teachers, employers, neighbours and the wider community.

In 1995, following the success of JUCONI in Mexico, Joanna and Gabriel wanted to reach children and families outside of Puebla in Mexico and established JUCONI in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

In 2001, JUCONI launched the Technical Support Centre (TSC) to share its expertise with other organisations and programmes catering to excluded children affected by violence.
Today, JUCONI Mexico and JUCONI Ecuador each directly support 350 children and their families per year. As an organisation, JUCONI employs over 140 staff across Mexico and Ecuador and is supported by up to 20 volunteers at any one time.
1989 JUCONI was founded and began to operate in Puebla
1990 Casa JUCONI (JUCONI House) was established in a rented property
1993 The newly built Casa JUCONI was inaugurated with a capacity for 28 boys
1995 The Casa de Jovenes (Young Men’s House) project was begun, designed to prepare the older boys for an independent life
1996 Centro JUCONI (JUCONI Centre) was built to attend to girls, boys and families from the main market
JUCONI Ecuador was established
1997 The Workshop for the Culture of Work (Taller de Cultura Laboral) was opened to strengthen the work skills and attitudes of the boys of Casa JUCONI and integrate them into formal work
2000 Sarah Thomas (co-founder) awarded MBE by Her Majesty The Queen for her contributions in the field of vulnerable children
2001 The Technical Support Centre was established
2002 Prince Charles visited JUCONI Mexico
2003 Alison Lane, Director General of JUCONI Mexico, awarded OBE in Her Majesty The Queen’s Birthday Honours
2005 JUCONI’s first consultancies to programmes in southern Africa began
Sylvia Reyes, Director of Methodology at JUCONI Ecuador, awarded MBE in Her Majesty The Queen’s Birthday Honours
2008 UNICEF recognised the work of JUCONI awarding it the prize for Best Practices
2009 The international network “Safe Families, Safe Children” was created, led by JUCONI
2011 Together With the Children was established to raise funds in the UK supporting the work of the JUCONI Foundation
JUCONI co-presented the work of “Safe Families, Safe Children” at an All Party Parliamentary Group on Street Children in the House of Commons, UK, co-chaired by Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer, Russell Brown MP and Craig Whittaker MP