Who we help

For many children living and working on the streets of Mexico and Ecuador, JUCONI is their last chance.

JUCONI works with highly excluded children who drop out of or are missed by existing state and voluntary service provisions. Every time such children are failed by another organisation, they become more detached and less trusting that their lives can be improved.

For the majority of children supported by JUCONI, integration into a safe family environment is the result of the intensive and personalised work carried out by highly trained educators over a period of time.

However, for some children, the creation of a safe environment in their familial home is not possible and, in those cases, children are housed and nurtured in JUCONI House.

The above case studies provide examples of typical JUCONI situations. These reveal the positive impact of the JUCONI Programme on the lives of children, getting them to leave the streets and become permanently re-integrated into society.

Each year, JUCONI carries out a long-term evaluation of those who graduated from the Programmes 5 and 10 years earlier.

The success of the JUCONI model resides in its three sub-programmes which help children, young people and families in street situations including:

  • those who live and work in the street
  • those who work in the street but have a home to live in and
  • families that work in open markets whose children are at high risk of becoming totally involved in street life because they are left in contact with it while their parents attend market stalls