Why Donate?

Juconi works

Whilst intensive, time consuming and costly, the JUCONI programme achieves outstanding results with over 80% of the street children returning to live with their families and returning to school? JUCONI’s focus is upon achieving lasting change to the children and families with whom we work.

Juconi does not merely seek to address the symptoms of street children, it cures the underlying problems

 The JUCONI model/methodology seeks to return/re-integrate street children with their families, thus providing a permanent cure/solution. This is in contrast to merely helping to alleviate the symptoms/hardship of street children on an on-going/open ended basis. As such any monies donated will help to provide a permanent legacy for the children.

For many children Juconi is their last chance

 JUCONI works with highly excluded children who drop out of or are missed by existing state and voluntary service provisions. Every time such children are failed by another organisation, they become more detached and less trusting that their lives can be improved.

Juconi benefits current and future generations

 It is well documented that violence in the home is transmitted across generations, whereby children who grew up in a violent family frequently recreate a violent home for their children. As such, by eliminating violence from a family today, it is highly likely that violence will be prevented in the future families of those children. There is therefore an ongoing and exponential benefit from donations made to JUCONI.

Juconi benefits other organisations worldwide

 The JUCONI model is constantly being refined/improved and is widely used as a template for other organisations involved with street children/violent families worldwide. JUCONI is strongly committed to sharing its methodology and offering its expertise and as such donations to JUCONI have far reaching benefits beyond the children/families with whom we are directly working.

No UK administration costs

 100% of all donations made to Together with the Children goes straight to the JUCONI programmes in Mexico and Ecuador. All of Together with the Children’s administrative/fundraising costs are met by the Trustees and thus all the monies donated are used solely to repair the lives of street children and their families.

JUCONI’s educational-therapeutic approach is shared nationally and internationally with other civil society organisations and government programmes through their Technical Support Centre which offers a range of training and consultancy services as well as on-line services – Every Child